Reliable and Affordable Computer Solutions

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Keeping your computers up to date and working efficiently is often an important part of many people’s lives.  Whether your computer concerns are primarily for your education, business purposes, paying bills, or just simply for fun, VTM Computer Solutions can help fix any problems you may have. VTM Computer Solutions holds a title for reasonable services compared to many other computer services that are out there.  Integrity, honesty, and reliability are the three main qualities that Continue Reading ...

Scam Warning

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                This is a warning for everyone. This warning has been posted before, although the scammers have taken it to another level of stealing from innocent people. A client of mine was contacted via phone by a supposed Microsoft representative. He stated that her computer was infected and that her IP address had been stolen. In reality, the PC she was using just had just undergone a factory recovery and was just Continue Reading ...


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Computer Repair Central NJ

There’s a spam war raging worldwide, and computer users are losing. Worse yet, many of users don’t even realize they are being attacked or why. Most users see spam as an annoyance, and don’t look past their cluttered inboxes to the true severity of the threat to every aspect of our online world. One point of fact, a spammed email can cause a mass email attack. A mass email attack is when the spammer captures your address book and sends a spam email from your account to all your Continue Reading ...