Computer Networking

Computer Networking made simple.

Instantly share all your files. Have WiFi anywhere in your office or home. Print from everywhere in your office or home to any of your printers. At VTM Computer Solutions I set up secure wired and wireless networks for your office or home.

I Provide you with:

  • Diagnosis of networking issues
  • Help switching to FIOS, Comcast, Optimum or from AOL
  • Office network setup and maintenance

Benefits Include:

  • Share resources and office equipment over your network and reduce costs
  • Organize your data in a central location to increase productivity
  • Protect your business information from unauthorized users
  • Protect against infiltration of viruses and spyware
  • Having your business or home running on a reliable network with little to no downtime
  • Secure remote access to your business from virtually anywhere, anytime for example:
    • Connect to your work computer from home or while you are traveling
    • Reduce non-business use of company computers by eliminating access to certain sites like Facebook, instant messaging, online shopping, etc. and monitor use of company computers

At VTM Computer Solutions, we make computer networking easy for you!


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