Computer Upgrade Expert

Is it time to get a computer upgrade?

VTM Computer Solutions can help with technology problems like this:

  • My computer is taking forever to start up
  • Seems like it’s infected
  • It used to run so much faster
  • Software applications are not running correctly
  • My internet keeps giving errors
  • My computer is always freezing
  • Date & time on my PC are never correct, even after I reset it

These problems can be caused by hardware starting to fail, including memory (ram) issues. 

I am able to diagnose all hardware problems for you. In fact, most of these problems can be solved by simply upgrading failing hardware. I handle all types of hardware upgrades in PC’s, Macs & laptops.

Hardware upgrades include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Computer Power Supplies
  • Processors (CPU’s)
  • Video Cards (for Gaming or HD Graphics)
  • Hard Drive Upgrades
  • Memory Upgrades
  • CD-ROM
  • CD-RW (CD Burner)
  • DVD-RW (DVD Burner)
  • Motherboards
  • Sound Cards
  • Network Cards

I can help to prolong the life of your existing computer by installing additional memory, sound and video cards, upgrading hardware needed to keep it running and much more….

If your problem is not listed, Call Vincent at VTM Computer Solutions at (732) 735-6933.


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