Virus Removal

If you think you might have a virus, don’t panic!

Computer virus removal is one of my specialties. If you suspect a virus has infected your machine, get help right away. I can diagnose your computer to determine what the problem to quickly get you back up and running properly.

Symptoms of a computer infected with a virus or malware include:

  • Pop Ups about Anti-Virus Software
  • Computer Running SLOW
  • Website Links Go To Incorrect Page
  • Home Page Has Changed
  • Windows Features Disabled
  • FBI Warning Screen
  • All Your Icons Have Disappeared

If you need HELP, onsite and offsite services are available. Call Vincent @ VTM Computer Solutions (732) 735-6933 if you are experiencing any problems with unwanted, annoying pop ups, a sluggish computer, or applications do not run properly. You may already have a virus.

The good news is that I have 14 years hands-on experience with malware and virus removal.

I come prepared with the necessary hardware, software and diagnostic tools to successfully resolve the problems.

I provide onsite computer repairs and support services, and have hundreds satisfied clients. I will provide you with multiple solutions to solve your problem, as well as installing measures to prevent re-occurrence.

Call us today for your computer virus removal.


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